Dear Friend,

When Martial Arts and Mental Warfare Master Scott Bolan teamed up with Tactical Legend and Mental Mastery Trainer Mike Gillette – they made Martial History with their Martial Power Summit.

People from all walks of transformed into warriors, and discovered how to conquer fear, bend steel bars and break boards, and achieve their goals.

You see, this time the guys put together a “Fantastic Four” of world-class trainers – all four close friends who walk their talk and are the very best at what they do to give you a complete Warrior Academy, taking you all the way to Mastery level.

It’s a step-by-step guide to Mastering Your Daily Life as a Warrior.

And – get this – they let me film it all so YOU can learn as if you were there in person, all from the comfort of your own home!

I could type an entire Encyclopedia outlining everything that’s in them, but rather than give you a long letter you could read for hours, I’m just going to give you the exact list of what you’ll discover in each DVD of The Warrior Academy so you can see it for your self.

Is that fair?


Once you’ve read what’s in each DVD, I’m going to give you the deal of a lifetime.

Here you are my friend:


  • Expansion Paths: How To Multiply Yourself and Make Money While You Sleep!
  • How to get in ANY state you want, ANY time you want! (gives you a huge advantage)
  • How to dissolve excuses and “get sh-t done” like a bad-ass!
  • The #1 Secret of Mental Warfare
  • The Self-Mastery Secret!
  • An Empowerment Anchoring Drill That Really Works
  • The secret of Trans-derivational Search (and how to use it to get what you want)
  • Discover The Power of Asking The Right Questions
  • How to get “In The Zone” instantly and Be Ready For Anything
  • How To Repeat Past Successes – even better!
  • The “Yi” Intention Secret to Become an Unstoppable Force!
  • The powerful “Tidal Wave” secret that Scott Bolan’s Sifu – an original Bruce Lee student – taught him (Scott shares it with you directly)
  • How To Create Personal Alignment for Maximum Results
  • How To Radiate DANGER (repel attackers!)
  • How To Achieve Victory In Advance
  • How To Walk In Power and Energy and Use It Like a Laser-Beam
  • Segment Intending and Advanced Anchoring Secrets
  • How To “Borrow” the Energy and Charisma of Any Celebrity or Person for YOUR Use!
  • An EASY Drill To Access Your Most Powerful State – at will
  • How To Repel An Attacker Using Only Energy
  • The Very Best Place To Be When Facing a Bigger Stronger Attacker (it’s not what you think!)
  • Energetic Reversal Tactics to Confuse Your Opponent
  • The One Thing You MUST Know Before Any Challenge


  • This Secret: The Mind Is The Body And The Body Is The Mind! (when you learn what this really means, it will Change Your Game. Period.)
  • How To Combine Eastern and Western Perspectives for Tactical Mastery
  • Confidential: The Secret of Changing Your Life With Information
  • Here’s What Athletes Use for Mental Strength and Doing The Physically Impossible!
  • How To Re-Frame For Learning 300x Faster!
  • How To Be Mentally Tough (the complete process)
  • How To Conquer All Levels Of Stress with Mental Toughness
  • 7 Mind Secrets of a Professional Strong Man
  • How YOU can achieve the impossible (real-world “how-to” from someone who has done it)
  • The Amazing story of what inspired Mike Gillette to go from SWAT Team Leader and VIP Protection Specialist to becoming a Guinness World Record-holding Strongman!
  • The Power of Personal Rituals and how to develop your own “Power Routine”
  • How To Run Your Own Life On Your Own Terms
  • How To Make Life Work Better
  • Secrets from inside the world of a VIP Protection Specialist to the ultra-wealthy (OMFG!)
  • How To Evaluate Your Life and Remove All Weakness and Limitation
  • What distinguishes a Champion (flip this switch and never look back!)
  • Mike started his Strongman career at 46 – and made it to the Guiness World Records by age 50!
  • When you learn how he did this, YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT “AGE” THE SAME WAY AGAIN
  • The exact thing you need to do to get where you want to go (it’s at 22:44 on the DVD! OMG!!!)
  • At 25:33 you get the very definition of Mental Toughness (and how to get it and keep it)
  • An amazing story from Death’s Door and a powerful lesson of Emotional Resilience
  • The Secret of “Physical Culture” for personal transformation (no matter your fitness level)
  • Ultimate Mental Toughness Techniques
  • How To Walk In Power Wherever You Go, No Matter
  • The “On/Off Switch” you can use for power in ANY situation!
  • A simple yet stunningly effective secret of self-cultivation you can do every day (you’ll LOVE this)


  • The UFC flew this man all over the world to work with their Top Fighters IN THE RING. THAT is how good he is. Now he shares his secrets with YOU directly.
  • How To Accomplish ANYTHING You Want (The Exact Steps)
  • **** How to go RIGHT TO THE TOP in any Industry! BOOM!!!! ****
  • How He ESCAPED DEATH by Mastering His Mind and Taking Control (the ultimate lesson)
  • The Action Secret of Personal Mastery
  • The Secret of SHARKS and how you can use it to go from Victory to Victory
  • Why People Are Broke and Afraid (no one knows it… but YOU will, right now, and you’ll know exactly what to do about it!)
  • What they DIDN’T teach you in School (you’ll learn it right now so you can Live Large)
  • How To Access Neural Pathways in the Brain and Increase Your Learning to Lightning-Fast!
  • How To Learn Faster, More Efficiently and Retain What You’ve Learned
  • The “10,000 hours rule” to mastery DE-BUNKED
  • Talent vs. Hard Work: Here’s who wins, and WHY
  • The 3 Methods of Learning, and which ones is the Very Best – Learn 300X Faster!
  • 2 Secrets to Creating Powerful ACRONYMS For Personal Programming!
  • Step-By-Step: He woke up every day with NO memory! Here’s How He Used THE CODE OF THE SAMURAI to survive facing death every day and re-build his brain and body after a near-coma, life-threatening seizures, daily blackout and no memory every day – to go on to build a life that means something and become the UFC Cutman! (this powerful formula will change YOUR life)
  • How to have TENACIOUS ABILITY (so you can accomplish anything!)
  • The teachers told Albert Einstein he’d never learn math and wouldn’t amount to anything. What did they tell YOU? (here’s how to find it and remove the limiting programming so you can SKYROCKET!)
  • The Exact Steps to Overcome FEAR & DOUBT
  • How To INNOVATE and Adapt To Survive and Thrive!
  • The 2 Kinds of Memory (OMFG!!)
  • The 2 Ways to Have The Most Success In Teaching (YES!!) – he used this to make history in Martial Arts, you can use it the same way
  • How to Walk Right In and DOMINATE, and with a CONSTANT POSITIVE AND HAPPY STATE


  • The Secret of LASER-FOCUS (how to do it for real-world results)
  • What Anxiety REALLY is and How To Make It Serve You
  • 5 Olympic-Winning Secrets of Mental Rehearsal
  • Emotional Anchoring Tactics
  • Anchoring The Optimum Performance State – so you don’t have to “think” about it!
  • How Your Emotional Past is Effecting Your Present and Future
  • ****The Only Way You Can BREAK THROUGH!!! ****
  • Why Society Is Unkind To Innovators and Those Who Succeed (and how to protect yourself)
  • The Guillotine: How To HANG An Attacker With Their Own Bodyweight
  • “The Rack” Technique For Immediate and Unbeatable ATTACKER-CHOKING
  • BJJ Stand-up Secret: The MORE They Attack YOU, the BETTER RESULT YOU GET!
  • 4 “Technique-Torques” to Make Them Horribly Regret Trying a Double-Leg Takedown on you!
  • BLOOD-CHOKES for when your Attacker is Super-Strong!
  • How To ESCAPE CHOKES (even if your attacker is twice your size and weight) … you’ll see it LIVE!
  • One Simple Arm Movement That Makes YOU IMPOSSIBLE TO CHOKE!
  • How To Anchor Martial Arts Techniques so you can do them well EVEN IF YOU WERE BLIND


*** In this DVD, Scott Bolan goes off like a machine-gun! OMG!!
He barely pauses to breathe and shares constant GOLD!
This is one you’ll watch and take notes from over and over again! ***

  • The Secret of Getting a Skill (instead of just an experience) – so you’ll be able to do it at will!
  • The Sword of Self-Mastery: Self-Programming Secrets and the “Thought Capture” Technique
  • Self-Identity Secrets and how pop culture Hypnotizes people
  • Scott Bolan’s origins in the Martial Arts and how he transformed (and you can too!)
  • The Most Important thing to look for in a Martial Arts School (most do NOT have it)
  • How To “See” with the Bushido Perspective
  • Warriors vs. Sheeple, what they are, and how not to be a Sheeple
  • The 3 Mentalities, and how to have the most powerful one!
  • How to Live As A Warrior, Have FUN, and Get Your Goals!
  • How To Go Farther Than Anyone Else!
  • How You Can Guarantee Your Own Success
  • Mind-Fortress: 2 Verbal Techniques to reverse-engineer programming language from others
  • How To Think Powerfully
  • How to Destroy the “Goliath” in your life (and SMASH HIS BALLS)
  • The 3 Monkeys mind-fortress technique (FUDOSHIN)
  • “What if it doesn’t work?” Here’s what to DO so it does
  • NINJA MIND: How Linear Thinking and Speaking Lessens Results!
  • The 2 Secrets of Who To Tell Your Dreams To, and who NOT to!
  • Breath is Life, Breath is Power – Breathing Secrets of The Ancient Masters
  • Breathing Secrets for STRIKING POWERFULLY
  • The one Question that starts immediate empowerment and self-control
  • Instant Power & Energy Techniques
  • How to use breathing and energetics to confuse and repel attackers
  • The one thing Scott taught everyone their very first night at his Martial Arts Academy… a gift students still thank him for decades later! (now YOU get it)
  • The one determining factor for Victory or Defeat
  • The only 2 places to be in a Violent Altercation… or any other challenge!!!
  • How To Win (THE SECRET!)
  • **** How To Nail a Job in the First Interview!! (what to say, how to say it. what else could you “nail” with this awesome tactic? :-)) ****
  • Martial Progression: how to quickly advance your martial arts skill to higher levels
  • How to BITCH SLAP an Attacker (so you don’t have to maim or kill him!)
  • How a FOOL talks and thinks when it comes to shooting
  • The Force Continuum – Understanding The 3 Levels of Force and Control
  • How To Control (and Damage If Necessary) a Bigger, Stronger Attacker Using Only His Finger!
  • Jeet Kune Do “Centerline” Secrets
  • Simple Strance Tweaks that make you stronger, more powerful, and more protected – the “style loyalists” will HATE this (because it WORKS!)
  • Tai Chi Combatives Secrets
  • The Nature of Violence and Common Thread of All Effective Martial Arts
  • The Core Truth of All Martial Arts
  • How To Effortlessly End An Argument
  • The Martial Truth Sermon!!! WOW!!!
  • Powerful Joint Locks to Control And Move Any Attacker


Due to the confidential nature of this workshop I am not allowed to share the specific details, but here is a general overview.

1) Body Positioning

2) Joint Locks and Come-Alongs for Controlling Opponents

3) Palm Strikes & Body Mechanics for Striking Power

4) Effective Combinations

5) Stance and Positioning

6) Use Of Force Considerations


  • “Mental Domain” Secrets
  • How To Create a Plan of Action To “Get You In The Zone”
  • The “Split List” Test to Find Where Your Focus REALLY is and Get Back on Track!
  • The Secret of the Prehistoric LIZARD BRAIN
  • You have been told “No” 120,000 times! What has that done to your brain?
  • The Power-Mind: How To Re-Wire Your Brain For Success!
  • Mind Hack: A 24-hour Trick for lasting change
  • How To Break Through Your “Comfort Zone”
  • A Simple 2-Step Assignment That Makes Any Athlete Dramatically Improve Their Performance! (you can use this for amazing results!)
  • Do THIS Every Day and Skyrocket Your Results and Experiences!
  • How You can CONTROL THE THOUGHTS in your head, and the thoughts of others
  • 3 Neuro-Association Hacks (the cheat-sheet!)
  • The Secret of CONFIDENCE (it’s not what you think!) – why it matters, and how to PERFORM AWESOME EVEN WHEN YOU’RE TERRIFIED
  • The Real, Direct Secret of Rock-Solid CONFIDENCE (how to get it, how to keep it)
  • How You Are Attracting What You DON’T Want (and the Instant Fix)


  • What REAL Self-Development and Motivation is!
    (The “Ho-Hum” feely-goody BS Self-Improvement and Motivation slogans get EXPOSED!!! Your jaw will drop!)
  • What Animals Do In Traps (Knowing This Gives You a Huge Advantage Over People)
  • How To Recognize Mental Traps You Didn’t See – and how to get out of any trap! (this one sentence is so powerful the moment you hear it your life will change)
  • What Scott Bolan did in Martial Arts at age 12 that almost brought the SWAT Team to his School!
    (it will put a smile on your face, expand your reality and TURN ON YOUR MONEY-MAKER)
    • How To Find And TAKE The Next Step On Your Journey To Mastery Warrior
    • Ultimate Freedom and Power: How To NEVER OPERATE FROM A PLACE OF FEAR

OMG! Scott and Mike together in an open Question-and-Answer
session that will give you AMAZING insights!
*** I can’t believe they shared this stuff and let me film it!!! ***

  • Mike Gillette shares his personal real-life story (reads like an Action Novel): From Broken Home, Abuse, Fear, Depression, A Wheelchair and Brace, to becoming a Tactical Legend, Hall-of-Famer and Guiness World Record Holder! Mike has Lessons here for YOU. Get them. Keep
    Them. Live Strong!
  • Scott Bolan shares his beginnings and resonation with the Martial Spirit (including his experiences in Japan!). He also shares “The World Is My Dojo” message, how he expanded and made his mark in the Training world, went from Martial Arts to Mental Warfare, the Secret of his Mission, and the power of the 1-degree difference!
  • How To Take Charge Of Your Mind
  • CLASSIFIED: Why Mike Had Scott Remove This From Their DVD Set!
  • The Most Important Thing To Look For In A Trainer
  • How To Challenge Your Self Beyond Your Limits and Go For It!
  • How To Make Your Own DVDs!

OH WOW, Scott Bolan cracks open “The Martial Arts Secret” right here!…

  • The Core Thread Secret of All Martial Arts, and the One Attribute Every Martial Art MUST Have
  • Look for THIS one thing and you’ll know whether a school or teach is any good at all!
  • The COMBATIVES Secret and The Zen of Violence
  • What a veteran street cop and SWAT Team Leader learned in countless violent altercations -secrets attributes of Violence that can’t be taught!
  • The 2 Ingredients For Toughness and Solving Problems!


• Ninjutsu 8-Directional Awareness

• Scott’s favorite Ancient Samurai Scroll!

• The Powerful Awareness Secret of “Look, But Don’t See”

• What Awareness REALLY Is!

• What You Can Learn From The Samurai

• What NOT To Do With Your Eyes When Facing An Opponent

• Advanced Mind Control

• 2 Mind Traps To Avoid!

• Secrets of Hakalau!

• How To “See All”

• Hidden Secrets of Segment Intending

• The Instant “Mind Switch” For Situational Awareness and Masterful Decisions

• How To Expand Your Awareness for “Market Domination”

• The Zen Mind Secret

• How To Train The Mind So It Obeys YOU

• Meditation Mastery

• The 5 Steps: HOW To Meditate Effectively


• 2 Easy Steps to Masterful Focus and “All-Seeing” Situational Awareness


• How To Re-Connect To Your Original Mind (the ALPHA state!)

• How To Take Control of You Mind and Destroy Distractions and Obsessions!

• The Danger of The Reverse Attraction Trap (and how to avoid it!)

• Tactical Awareness & Threat Assessment

• By-pass “waiting in line” and “interviewing” and GO RIGHT TO THE TOP
  (How To Find a High-Paying Job on Day One!)

• How To Do What You’ve Never Done – even if you don’t know how!

• 3 Rules to Finding The Perfect Web Designer

• What “Good” and “Bad” Pain is (the Training Secret!)

• How To “Lose Weight” and Get FATTER AND IN WORSE SHAPE!
  (OMG! The Hypnotic Myth EXPOSED!)

• What “Happiness” REALLY is (and how to get it!)

• The 10 Steps To Achieving ANY Goal laid out in writing and taught step-by-step so

• Exact Verbal Word-for-Word (and what NOT to say) on the phone to get them to OBEY YOU!

• The Secret of Personal Excellence

• The Secret of Powerful Parenting (how not to raise a smart-phone hypnotized “vidiot”)

• How to INSTANTLY Get “Back On Track”

• How to DOMINATE LIFE (and why you shouldn’t be afraid to use the word “Dominate”!)

• The SAMURAI’S Weakest Point (it’s the Ninja’s Strongest! A “MUST-KNOW”!)

DVD 10

• The Secret of The Brain Controlling The Body (instead of the other way around!)

• Mind Power: How To Use Your Mind To Bend a Steel Bar! (what else could you use this for?)

• There are only 2 types of Problems…. here’s how to SOLVE THEM!

• Powerful Autogenic Breathing Techniques!

• How To Slow Your Own Heart Rate (like the Ancient Ninja did)

• A Powerful Stress-Control Technique Used By Police

• A simple yet highly effective Voice Technique For Persuading a Jury

• The Masterful Performance Template using Visualization and Breathing

• The #1 Secret of Successful Performance (You will NEVER FORGET this!)

• 3 Steps to Peak Performance

• How To Anchor Any Feeling You Want (no more pretending to feel a certain way!)

• How To Install Power Into Yourself

• How To Channel Your Inner Power into anything (even your opponent’s face!)

• How To Solve Problems

• The Secret of Mastering FEAR

• What “Being Present” REALLY is

• What Fear Really Is and How To Evaporate It Whenever You Need To!

• How To Sharpen All Your Senses

• How To Develop Your “6th Sense”

• The Anxiety Destroyer!

• How To Scan and Control Your Organs and “BodyMind”

• How To Master Multi-Tasking

• How To Make Difficult Tasks EASY

DVDs 11 through 14

Listen. You’ve seen enough to know you’re getting an absolute life-changing Goldmine here. The rest of this material is confidential, but I will be adding the highlights for you over the next few days. I highly recommend you order right now so you can discover The Mastery Level for yourself.

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Now, if you’re new to Scott Bolan or Mike Gillette, let me introduce you…



If you’re reading this now, or if you’ve been around the Martial Arts or Personal Empowerment worlds, you’ve probably heard of Scott Bolan.

Scott is a Legendary Martial Artists, Combatives and Mental Warfare Trainer, Author and Peak Performance Coach. Scott Bolan has authored many groundbreaking and revolutionary personal development study courses and seminars.

Scott holds Multiple Black Belts, Professional Certifications and Advanced Trainings. Scott Bolan is a twice-inducted Martial Arts Hall-of-Fame member under 3 designations including Author of The Year, DVD of The Year, and Jeet Kune Do Instructor of The Year, and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Scott took an entire year preparing the all-new teachings he gives you in the Warrior Academy!


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Mike Gillette. Maybe you saw him on Television earning his Guiness Word Record, or FOX News as a Security Expert, or Black Belt Magazine as a legendary Martial Artist and Strongman – literally rolling up a Frying Pan with his bare hands!

A Masters Hall-of-Famer and Guinness World Record Holder Mike Gillette.

Mike is a former SWAT Team Leader, VIP Bodyguard to the wealthiest celebrities and politicians, Professional Strong Man, and bestselling Author on Physical and Mental Strength.

Mike Gillette is the holder the highest number of Tactical Certifications in the U.S. He’s also one of the most highly-certified Tactical Trainers in the United States (he wrote the training manual for the TSA and the DHS).

In the Warrior Academy, Mike Gillette shares his secrets with you and teaches you directly from his vast wealth of knowledge and experience!

Plus, Scott and Mike Lined up these ELITE Special Guests
to Give Your KILLER Info and Training…


Lisa King, AKA “The Black Widow” is a World–Class Champion full contact Muay Thai fighter and inductee into the Black Belt Hall of Fame, Masters Hall of Fame and Martial Arts History Museum and Black Belt Magazine’s Woman of the Year.

Lisa has been featured on ESPN, the motion picture Ring Girls,the TV-movie and reality show “Fight Girls”, and a four-volume Muay Thai DVD Series.

Lisa also holds extensive certifications in tactical disciplines, firearms, and surveillance and is a world-class Trainer and VIP Protection Specialist.

A personal friend of Mike Gillette and Scott Bolan, Lisa King was invited to the filming of the Warrior Academy to teach a confidential session on Street Combatives and How To Throw a Bigger, Stronger Attacker to The Ground – whether you’re a girl or a skinny nerd!

When you see it for your sefl your Martial Arts will be transformed and you’ll be blown away at these powerful moves!


Adrian Rosenbusch is the President of Fight Business Academy and former UFC Cutman. He earned his reputation as a world-class instructor through his international seminars, guest speaking, interviews, and mentorship. This is the man the UFC flew all over the world to be in the ring during champion MMA fights!

In the Warrior Academy, he teaches you how to get what you want in life, how to overcome anything, how to learn 300x faster, how to choke any attacker, and how to prevent anyone from choking you.

Amazing stuff!

Right Now Is Your Opportunity To Get Skills The Luckiest People
In The World Only Dream About!

Here’s the bottom line my friend. The Warrior Academy will show you how to Master Your Self, and then Go Out and Master Any One or Any Thing Else. This is your “insider access” to 4 modern-day Masters, all of them legendary, world-class, several Hall-of-Famers giving you every trick in the book.

The cameras were on for 2 full days, and you get 14 DVDs in the Warrior Academy, plus and mp3 CD so you can listen wherever you go.